Oooops I didn’t explain how I survived….

Even though my peers and my family did all they could to destroy me… I knew it was all on me to survive this… and as I explained before… I never had anyone I could trust or turn too, until 25 years ago and I married hubby… his support has been the most helpful… but….

Trust and faith in myself was the most important… and quitting all the medications the Air Force had me on and the VA and I still have one more medication to eliminate…. because it too impacts my brain…. ugh!!!

Anyhow…. I survived this nightmare… because I first and foremost… listened to myself…I was the only one I could trust and honesty had to be bold, in your face and brutal… once that lifestye was adopted… the rest as they say is history… did I make mistakes… show me one human who hasn’t…

Clues, it was always about gathering the clues… Even though I couldn’t stand to be around my birth family… I kept in contact with them…. bought nice gifts, opened my home, nutured… did what I could to keep them thinking I was clueless about the past….

I know that when I got sick on Japan and the Air Force shipped us back to USA, I likely had a silent stroke… because I lost some time… not much, only a couple memories… which were triggered by the death of a ex I was married too at that time…. and after my leg surgery in 2011 at El Paso VA… that one, I knew something had happened… and I didn’t talk about it… I was scared I had dementia….

Once the MRI on Hawaii on 12/26/18 was done and subsequent MRA… I had my answers… now I had to figure out what happened since the MRI at the Oregon VA in 2000 of my brain, which was negative for any damage… is my memory… still have to find the test results on that one…

What it boils down too… I started remembering in detail the past….. guess the shrink at El Paso was right about my memory ability…

I quit doubting myself and started pushing the drugs out of my system and when I got the last paranoid drug gone a year now… that paranoia and self doubt is completely gone…. because….

I believe in myself…

I have begged mother, sister, aunty and others to come forward with information and that will never happen… why??? Because what I remember… makes those people look like total and complete hyocrites… just like Trump and his base… they are people who will con the pennies off your eyes after death…. and that is what helped me figure it all out… I let them… set themselves up…. it cost me in property and money… but in the end… their greed and envy is what gave them away….

I didn’t ignore the clues…. I did my homework and hubby will tell you, I have done experiements for the last couple of decades… that’s why I knew I could eliminate the mind altering drugs the VA and Air Force had me on…

So it’s just me, fighting the battle to remember the truth and not christians form of truth….

It’s sad, what I have remembered… but, it explains why I have such a fascination with psychology….. and even the sister that has a masters degree, couldn’t hide her behavior… why??? Because their made up god will forgive them….

I never will….nor should America forigve them… proabition did no good… now they are trying to enslave women in America… these corrupt evangelicals and Trump…. may their gods have no mercy upon their courrpt souls…. and will those space ships come back and pick up the dumb ass’s they left here??????

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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