You can’t MISS what you Never had….

Empathy… you see so little of it today… it’s all about this agenda or that and jump on board an sell your soul to the highest bidder… like Trumps spiritual advisor… wow, what a con… and cash cow…. much like the donations to Trumps campaign… how much of that money will actually get spent on political stuff and how much will be spent on Trumps lavish lifestyle… so far, he’s conned the whole world… damn, that does sound like Jesus and Mary’s story and the Roman Emipire continues to expand…

Out of the blue last night, a child reached out… missing the sibling lost just 9 years ago… a life cut short by drugs and self abuse… she is missed and I’ve heard so many stories about her short life…. yet, she lives on in her child….

I hurt for the child reaching out to me last night… a mom and grandma, yet she yearns for what was lost and it got me thinking about my own sisters…

I’ve never had that emotional connection to anyone in my family… and for decades, I thought I was defective in my empathy and come to find out… we never had a relationship, even though we lived in the same house…..

I can’t miss, what I never had…. and when a military family adopted me and made me one of their own… I was thrilled… and now, too, that sister has closed me out, because, of her loss’s….

So, I can’t miss, what I never had… I never had a relationship with my parents, the abusers and I never had a relationship with the brainwashed siblings….

It’s ironic… each and every sibling said the same about the parents… yet they hang on every word of the mother… the ring leader and head honcho of abuse…. I hope that relationship is fullfilling…. but I’ll pass on relationships built on manipulation and lies….

So I was honest with the child last night… no love can replace that of a sister… I also wanted to tell her much more, but it would have been about me and not the pain she was feeling…. our sweet girl lives on in her daughter…..

I can never miss what I never had… family…..

So I’m working on one now….

My heart goes out to the families of the service members killed in action recently… I hope with all I am, their lives were not in vain for a religion and a man that cares not…

this veteran does care….and is grateful for the sacrafice….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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