TBI & Short Term Memory… Hawaii VA Death Care… Making me a statistic…..

Oh, so many times I have had a good psychology one to write and by the time I get time to sit down and do it… the thought is gone…

In the military, I think, not sure, may have been at Yokota AFB when I had my son’s IQ tested… a memory that has not jelled… meaning it could be false…

The point is… at some time prior to 1990, someone in the Military or the VA told me I had short term memory issues… which is why I don’t remember… I knew that when they told me… so I probably just gave them a Sheldon look… True Story… I don’t hide what I’m thinking unless it’s planned….

I have note pads in the main room and office… something hubby has learned to do, because his memory is impacted by his heart failure…

It made school not impossible… I have one memory from high school on Okinawa… I got a B+ on a American or Government history test… the majority of my childhood memories have not come back… at least any pleasant memories and that may be, because I didn’t make memories… I was always in survival mode in that house….

The short term hiccups I call them… have been greatly impacted by the poison from the dentures… and hubby, bless his heart… he gave me a Sheldon look when I asked, “is my confusion that obviour sometimes”… and I got the Sheldon look…. oh dear, lol…

Well, now knowing about the dye in the acrylic dentures and I’m sensitive to it… does create a problem for the VA… because they are going to try and push the see thru dentures and just a FYI…if you want to be a zombie for trick or treat… get those dentures… I passed…

I know the specialist will do his best and he has promised to remake the dentures I have to a thinner material… but the dye will still be in it to make my mouth look natural and the poison will continue to impact my brain and cause confusion and mess with the short term and continue to impact my heart and the autonomic neuropathy…. and my memory, has been greatly impacted by this poison…

It really does make sense… when I do the time line and hubby goes back over the past 25 years of marriage and how the last 9 years have been different… we have more evidence than needed… dentures is not a viable source and definitely is destroying my quality of life… the only places I go… our daily walk in our hood… doctor’s appointments and absolute necessary shopping… other wise… The VA has made me a prisoner of my own home and I doubt I will leave my home for the rest of the year… hubby will do what is needed…and yes I feel that sick… just because I put those dentures in my mouth and got instant pain and now the rest of my body is reacting….

It’s not Health Care when you delibertly inflict pain and suffering…

It’s Hawaii VA Death Care….


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