Proof the VA is hurting me, not healing me….

As my mouth burns and my tongue tingles… all because of these dentures… so the evidence is this….

Moved to New Mexico… 2010 saw El Paso dentist… they made me an upper and lower partial….

The moment the dentist put them in my mouth I said they hurt… little did I know why they hurt… and every checkup after that, I complained of the partials….

Symptoms that started when I received the acrylic partials from the El Paso VA…

Chronic sinus congestion

Dry Eyes

Blurred Vision


Loss of appetite

Pain from the pressure of the dentures, burning, aching, sharp pain… you name it… my little mouth is getting it… (Still think they aren’t trying to silence women???) okay not so good a joke, but look what they just did in Kentucky….

Pain from the leeching of the dentures… keep in mind 1 set is from El Paso… this New one is from Oahu… 2 different places… no doubt I’m allergic… why???

Because I just had cataract surgery and the surgeon was a little concerned with the gunk in my eyes and as I have no allergy symptoms for the environment… gunk explained… I’m being poisoned….

So my question to the VA???

HOW MUCH SUFFERING DO I HAVE TO ENDURE, BEFORE THIS WOMAN VETERAN GETS PROMPT AND APPROPRIATE CARE FOR A 100% SERVICE CONNECTED VETERAN??? I asked in May 2018 for implants… you have continued to make me suffer just as El Paso did…. WHY?????????

How Much More Do I Have To Prove??????????


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