Pain Pill needed because of lack of VA health Care for 100% DAV Service Connected…

Went to brush what teeth I got and the minute the electric tooth brush hit my tissue, it was instant pain… and they expect me to wear these things????

So of course I use paste with a numbing agent… and that will help while the pain med takes affect, hopefully before…nope, too late, just got a burning sensation from the denture and it’s been in my mouth less than 5 mins…

There is no winnng… I have been in non stop oral pain since 2010… non-stop…

Like to see a man even get close to dealing with the pain I live with daily for 60 + years… they would be crawling back up their mothers wombs…..

It’s draining, it’s taking it’s toll on my health and my mental health…

Those cliffs at the end of the street are so inviting some days….

The VA is poisoning me… I begged for 9 years I begged someone to listen…

Last Friday a speicalist did… yet the time drags on, I’m in unholy pain and I am suppose to have a life?????

Still think the VA gives a rats ass about patients???? It’s about the money… yours and mine… and they are playing god with it…


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