2014? Was it a Seizure??? Is the VA playing God, like Trump is???

Driving in tandem with hubby pulling the 5th wheel and me with 3 of the big dogs layed out in the back of the Kia… we headed for New Mexico, knowing hubby would be getting on a plane to go back an be with his dad at the end… which came quicker than we expected…

Exhausted from driving, having to be so aware from Washington state all the way to the Mexico border…. and just before we get to Bend Oregon or in that vicinity… it started…

First it was heat in my head and I thought, okay sugar is a little low, so grabbed a healthy premade diet supplement drink and that didn’t fix the problem… a few minutes later, that drink was on the sidewalk… and the body starts to cool and I tell hubby, because we are in a parking lot, when this happened, I’m ready to drive… don’t get more than a block an have to pull off the road and I have a seizure…. but not like you think…

No, it was shaking, blurred vision, cold and hot sweats and I could literlly bend my fingers backwards towards the knuckle… it acted somewhat like a seizure, but it turned my body into mushy product for about 30 seconds and hubby and I just stared at what I did to my hand and I never lost awareness… and I continued the conversation… but when it was done… I was a limp rag and unable to drive…

I crawled onto the bed in the 5th wheel, which I don’t suggest, but I was near the toilet… and hubby drove us to a RV park up the street… and walked back and got my car….

I never associated what happened with any kind of seizure, because I was always aware and mobile… just exhausted as If I had just done a marathon….

This was April 2014… I had been wearing the acrylic dentures the VA made me for about 4 years….

Since that one incident… when the symptoms happen, I have learned to control them and that is what told me that in the true sense of the word… seizure is not it, but it is… because my brain is being poisoned by the acrylic from the dentures…

And since I have had strokes and TBI’s… a seizure can end my life….

In the blink of the eye…

Still think VA isn’t playing god????


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