Would You Pay for VA Health Care???

Medicare, for all it’s issues, actually is reasonably good… though sometimes the cost can add up quickly if you are real ill and have to have meds….

As for the VA… I would never purchase this health care… The employees are arrogant and lots of those federal employees are veterans who have attitudes that should preclude them from working with patients… and you got the civilian employees that just get away with the worse abuse and they still work for El Paso VA and Arkansas VA… both rude, vulgar and Arkansas used language and screaming so loud, hubby could hear him clearly on the extension…. and most of all VA employees have a habit of using bait and switch to silence the trouble makers like me…

That’s exactly what they did with the dental specialist they sent me too….

We are already planning our move… After 9 years of complaining of the symptoms that showed I was allergic to the dentures the VA made me in 2010 at the El Paso VA and they ignored my complaints… why???

I filed a IG complaint… and I’m paying for being a whistleblower and my mouth starts to burn from the denture…. and the wave of upset tummy hits and the heat hits my skull like a hot flash… but it’s an allergic reaction to the denture the VA made me, because to do implants would take away from getting the men the much needed Viagra…. really ???

A hard on is more important than my eating, breathing and being able to use speech??? Raped again, this time by the VA…..

It now is down to making the VA put it in writing they are denying me care and me trying to get the media to pick up the story…

But I’m not a male veteran who can’t get an appointment on the east coast in 2016…. just a woman fighting for her neurological health as the VA posions my brain via these dentures…. guess we know where a lot of the issues I have wrote about been caused by….

The United States Veterans Administration….

Readership has disappeared, since being blocked on twitter and face book… christians destroying our democracy a little every day and hey, what ever…. I may do something about it, right now, it’s just a good vent…. seriously thinking of deleting and let yahoos go back to their mass hysteria….. you can’t fix stupid… but you can call it out….

So the holidays will cause this to slow way down and I expect in January to get some kind of answer or word that the doctor has submitted his recommendations and the Oahu VA gods get their chance to deny me, so I can take a spread in the newspaper and expose the VA on Hawaii as discriminating against women veterans… because from what the surgeon on the Kona side told me… they do lots of implants on veteran men!!!

Still think christians aren’t trying to silence and control women??? Well you can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix it’s self….


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