Word Press, I am learning, I think….

Now that I understand I’m allergic to acrylic, that blurred vision an gunk in my eyes the eye surgeon couldn’t figure out, is solved… I have inflammation from chronic exposure to the acrylic an dry eyes, typical allergy reaction… blurred vision, my guess because of the inflammation from the poison so close to my eyes, sinus an brain… so theres my seizures I’ve been having, which are so different from the autonomic meltdown… answers, finally getting answers an the surgeon agreed with my analysis of brain injury, thyroid blood numbers an neurology…not hypothyroidism..its traumatic brain injury….

As for word press, well this site still has me puzzled, so much that is happening has me confused…add what I’m dealing with, learning this site is a struggle… but today I tried something an the brain stayed with me, going on training from a long time ago an it worked… my blog shows up on the internet when searched for…

Word press made it easy to do, do I understand what I did…kind of…so more experimenting with the site as my vision allows… my blurred vision will not go away until the VA quits poisoning me…just that simple….

Once again in the right place with the right specialist and I got answers…an the VA is the cause of my current health crisis…..

The next couple weeks I will explore a different look for the site, right now, just happy I haven’t had to login daily an I understood the instructions on the word press site…

It’s remarkable but those night sweats that started in New Mexico, were caused by these dentures… at least 8 to 9 years of hell, because the VA is more concerned about money than healthcare….

Sgt USAF DAV I remember… Margie

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