PTSD… When the Veterans Administration push’s Vets to Suicide, nothing new on that front….

Yesterday’s appointment with the dental specialist who, seemed to me, to be very smart and well educated as well as informed… but…. this appointment was about the VA putting a bandaid on my health issues, instead of fixing said health issues….

When the surgeon went into allergies to acrylic, you could have buried me right then and there… I had never heard of such an issue, even doing the job, it was never brought up in those 5 1/2 years… so this was news to me… but when he explained the symptoms… I knew he hit it head on… and that explains why I want to throw up with the dentures in my mouth… they are releasing chemicals into my body and causing the problem… and they burn my tissue… so yep… doc got it right in just a few minutes….

And he let the wind out of my sails, telling me the VA has never approved such extensive work as mine… they make you go to Oahu to Trippler and I said, not happening those Yahoos diagnosised me with Paget’s back in 1985… not interested in going to an incompetent military establishment… my body has enough damage, because of incomepetent military doctors…

So the VA wants to put a bandaid on the problem and they are in for a rude awakening… implants will happen and the doctor I am seeing will do them…

I can’t tolerate the pain from the “PRESSURE” of the dentures in my mouth… it is non-stop pain from the moment I put them in and even this morning my mouth is still hurting and they have been out for 13 hours… the dentures… so really, you going to make me wear something that causes pain and makes me look like a zombie from TV??? Who died and made you god??? Trump????


Seems they do, and one less veteran is one less headache they have to deal with… because it’s not about the human that wore the uniform it’s about the number of patients, male and female… and as long as the men get their Viagra….

Why do women need teeth to eat and breath?????????????

Suicide is painless, it’s leaves you wanting ageless… suicide is the only way and if the VA has their way… more veterans will be pushed to doing just that…

The shooting in Oahu, is the same thing that happened at Vance back in 1979 or 80… the kid asked to be relieved of duty and have his weapon taken… instead he was told to suck it up… an while on duty, as a security police he took his revolver and shot himself in the stomach…. suicide by Air Force!!! and they told the family it was all his fault… no one at Vance took responsibility for the crappy mental health… just shows you what my 6 year old rape victim child got for couseling….

Our government is one of the most corrupt organizations out there in some sectors… not all… it’s not the agency that is corrupt… it’s the humans that you call, mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt & uncle… granma and granpa, neighbor and friend that are corrupt… if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now…. been watching it since Reagan… and they have just about sold us out to Russia… and Russian is not on my bucket list…

Getting teeth from the VA is…. so the VA wants a fight and they got one… at least this surgeon is knowledgeable and yesterday I learned something…

1. I’m allergic to acrylic…

2. VA has no intention of doing implants, no clue what they think they will do when I can’t tolerate the pain from just putting the mess in my mouth???

3… Never trust anyone who calls you from the VA, including a Dr. Kim from Oahu VA… She lied to me, flat and simple… or we wouldn’t have unpacked!!!

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie… let the games begin… so much for not writing… Names are going to get used from here on out that are federal employees and please push me… I have no problem recording incoming phone calls and I just loves me some documentation…..

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