Oahu VA Negligence Mounts???….

Does it??? Lets see if you agree…

I had a EEG of the brain back in 1998 or 1999 for the Social Security Administration…. for my social security disability…. which took me 3 years to win… just a FYI… the results of that test….

Nothing… the psychological test I had to take, same ones I have done for the VA… said PTSD… again, I was never told, I requested a copy of the records when I appealed their decision…. so NO ABNORMAL BRAIN WAVE…..

In between this time and 2002… the VA out of Spokane authorized a partial by my local dentist in Okanogan… and he made it for me, but the minute I put it in my mouth, it burned… and I never wore it… instead I beat the crap out of my last wisdom tooth in place of the molar the partial replaced… it was only for 1 or 2 teeth… been a long time on that one… so I never wore it… which in turn cost me that wisdom tooth at the El Paso VA facility and that is where this gets interesting….

So I wore a partial in the military from 1977 to 1982, when I broke it, that was just 1 tooth an I was a smoker which can inhibit the posion from the partial… never wore another, until my local dentist made me one in 2002 I think….and that one never got worn, VA paid… but it hurt and just wasn’t worth wearing at that time… I still had plenty of teeth, more for looks than anything…….

By 2010 I was in crisis… all the dental work done had failed, my front teeth crown bridge fell off the night before surgery at the Tucson VA in 2009 and El Paso VA incompetent old timer tried gluing them in without packing the teeth… I had two metal posts for a couple months, till we got to Arkansas, after the tornados and I had to use the VA and they made the front bridge mess and implanted bone… with me so far???

After we get our house sold in Arkansas, we head back to New Mexico an El Paso VA health care and they are the ones who made the partials, that I have worn for the last 9 years, maybe 8….. and those damn things hurt the minute I put them in my mouth and the doctor ignored me… I complained every check up… and was ignored… by 2016… we were on our way to Hawaii and it has been 5 to 6 years of non stop pain with those partials… one which is in my mandible now, causing pain…..

2018 the doctor orders a EEG and it shows abnormal brain waves… 1 or 2, no one is sure and that started me on this journey to figure out what and who was hurting my body….

According to the science, the leeching of chemicals from these acrylic dentures can impact the brain and a burning sensation goes up my noise from the denture… they can cause sinus, eye, mouth issues and headaches… so where does that leave me…

Rock and a hard place… I have to eat… the soft denture looks like something you would see a zombie wear and I gag, every time I think of wearing those clear looking things… nope, VA is not screwing with my mental health… VA can go screw themselves….

So I wear the acrylic and when the eyes burn, or the nose burns or the palette burns or my tongue burns or I get nauseaous or the pain from my natural teeth gets to much… I can take a pill that will eventually destroy my kidney’s or I can suffer….

But they won’t make men go without Viagra… but they will make this veteran go with out teeth and poision her until the brain seizures I have been having for 8 years does its permanent damage… and acrylic isn’t hurting me at all…

To bad I wasn’t a man veteran bitching about getting an appointment to make sure that prostate is hunky dory…

But this woman veteran is consider hysterical because she is fighting for her life!!!

Well at least now, I understand after reading the science behind this kind of posioning… those are seizures I am experiencing and they are stealing a little of my memory every time… Ironic… I don’t have alzheimers… but the VA is wiping my memory banks clean and getting away with it….


Bottom line, I’m a prisoner of my home… I don’t wear these dentures all the time, because of everything I just wrote… we don’t eat out anymore, we don’t go out anymore… the VA has taken away my dignity and my life, because of money….. but Trump and his psycho corrupt christian base get a wall that no one really wants…. you can’t fix stupid… sometimes you just got to sit back and laugh at them instead… and Trump and company you are giving the world one hell of a good laugh…. may your souls be damned for eternity….

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