Find the positive… if possible… VA Caused Depression is in the house….

Depression caused by the Veterans administration health care system is all to familiar… not only are the patients un healthy because of the VA, so are the employees… and that sickness is just a round robin of failure that keeps getting more bodies piled on top….

When my father in law got cancer… the VA told him, we can get you in, 8 weeks… 8 Weeks was all he was given to live… thankfully his wife was a state employee and we had dad for another 10 years… because he didn’t wait on the VA to kill him…

That is just one among many I can tell about the failure of the VA health care system and it’s total corruption….

Anymore you go to a VA facility and there is an armed guard… yep that is real condusive to a healthy environment…

Never in 5 1/2 years at Vance AFB dental clinic, did a patient get angry at us or vice versua… not so with VA employees… they have zero need, except for that pay check…

I have to let the surgeon provide the VA with a treatment plan… but after we got home, I sat down and documented the other issues with the dentures that did not get covered…ie… pressure from wearing them… my tissue is that hyper sensitive… hubby wears partials, no problem… hubby was not beaten repeatedly in the head and have to live with the after math….

So, all I can do… vent my anger… get my hubby so upset he’s in tears, because of what he see’s me going through and hope… that logic and ethics win out and not the almighty dollar…

When money becomes more important in VA health care that the patients health… it’s time to shut the establishment down… because profit, never saved lives…..


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