Dictatorship & Censorship in USA by corrupt christians….edited

Well I pissed off the Twitter gods and they shut down another page…

Honest, I am more polite and civil on that platform, than I am on this one… Got to own it, or your just another bigot….

Told hubby, I was done… I have lived in countries where free speech and rights are not something you have every day… the rights and freedom of speech we have in America is an illusion… but if you are a christian and part of this corruption in America…

Well, Salem Witch Trials are back… Mental illness and mass hysteria, can destroy a nation…..

Just look at Hitler and Germany……

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember Margie, men in power protecting men in power… figure the GOP shut me down again… really surprised anyone remembers me…. to funny I got under that thin white skin…..

@AdorableSpite @AdorableSpitefire FB, not so inclined, twitter is like playing boogeyman to christians… an eye for an eye right🧐

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