Changing my Pattern….

Unlike the religious… I live by my set of rules and the laws we are governed by… so when people play god… I go find some place else to play….

play time

When we knew the VA was doing my implants, we unpacked some of my craft stuff… inside the box I found the start to a couple sets….

I finished them this morning… both fresh water pearl… one with true peridot and swarvosky crystal and the other fresh water pearl and swarvosky crystals…

I also found all kinds of stuff I bought and forgot about…

Christians may censor us some of the time… but they will never shut down the truth, like they did during the spanish inquistion… or the Salem witch trials…

I’ll find something else to keep me busy, when my household isn’t… just that easy… but… twitter and face book be warned…

I’ll be back…… add cackling type laughter and I’m back to work….

I Remember… Margie…

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