MACY’s… your employee needs training….

I don’t brag about who I rubbed elbows with and who I declined to rub elbows with… nor do I give a rats ass, what anyone thinks of my appearance… but I do love it when an employee in a higher end store screws up by judging what she sees….

Now, we aren’t in ragged clothes by any means, we are just casually dressed for the weather on Hawaii… and of course, we are out shopping, I put on my jewelry, never leave home without my rings… an my daughter has already chimed into what she wants…. regardless, I have about $9000 in diamonds on my hands… my favorite stone…. and this scenario goes down in Macys….

I’m looking for a nice quality leather purse… one that will last a good 20 years… like the one I have now, that is showing it’s age… and I knew the style and designer I was looking for, just couldn’t remember the name… and I knew the price per Amazon surfing last night…

So, the sales clerk sees me and ask what I’m looking for and she takes me to the low high end of leather purses, mass manufacturing… and I laughed and said, no, I want quality leather, not mass produced and she turned, stunned and looked me up and down quickly an stated… “You mean designer hand bags, those are expensive, as much as $200″….

I looked quickly at hubby and he had a small grin… he knew what happened… we got judged on appearance…..

I politely said, yes, I know the cost, do you have the bags… stunned she took us to the area I was looking for with the designer I was looking for…. and she left after giving us the presale talk, but I don’t think she thought I would buy one….

After looking at the ones they had, the same as Amazon… and the Macy’s online I found the one I was looking for and bought it…..

It didn’t ruin my day… in fact, I didn’t think about it, until I realized, we had to go back to town to pick the bag up… I got it on sale for tomorrow’s price, so the lady did save me a small chunk of change… but she gave my hubby and I a good laugh…. why???

We have a friend who is a millionaire and I can’t count how many times Hubby told him, he didn’t give a rats ass about his opinion upon how we dress…..

We do clean up nice… but when you have worn the clothes and the hair and the yada yada lifestyle… slumming is so much more fun and real… don’t miss the lifestyle or the bigots in that frame of thought….

So my christmas present to me, was a new bag… hubby got what he wanted a new TV… and the kids that are in contact with us, are all getting something… Nice way to end the year….

I Remember… Margie… oh and I worked for Macy’s back in 1973… the year I got pregnant with my first child….

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