Your Love has no Value to Me… but, Your Respect does…

The highest honor you can give to another human… is your respect and trust….

Most people think the world revolves around love, which is nothing more than an emotional response… one we know how to control…. or divorce would not be so high… enough said??? yes???

I was doing my chores and telling hubby I was happy about our contact this morning….

It’s the mother’s that have to win me back… not the children…. again, enough said….

For me, it’s not about the emotions of life… those are chemical reactions in the brain that are 100% controlable…. if you understand it… and I’ve been studying this my whole life… because of christians… the humans that hide behind religion, because they can’t control themselves… so something or someone else does it for them, so they have an excuse….

I told hubby, long before I got proof about the severe TBI…. I didn’t feel emotion like him or others, didn’t know why… but that was just the way it was and is…. our begining was more of arm candy, not respect… he learned quickly, he did… he’s a keeper….

I don’t want your love or affection… they have no value to me, because it’s a hormonal emotion…. for me life is about, earning the respect I know I am due… not arrogance… judge me, based on me and not some barbaric bible that has done nothing but cause wars and death…………

I think, that was why it was, so easy to distance myself from my own children… I was there… I was the one that paid the bills, kept the roof and clothes and health care, yada, yada, yawn… I tried and did…. can they say the same??? and they can’t… our daughter found that out and she worked hard to bridge the divide, we didn’t create….

Respect and trust are earned… I’ve done my job as a human on a planet filled with many more humans… some to afraid to live and chose idols and gods… some unable to own their own choices and some hell bent on selling America to Russia and may succeed….

Me… I’m a just a human, who was beaten repeatedly and the brain and body I have that I was born with is no more…

Because Margie woke up Nov 7, 2017, after 26 innocents lost their lives…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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