Advertisers, before I even Sign onto my PC??? PTSD is dissolving..

And people bitched about big brother in the U.S. government and now it’s capitalism without my permission??? For real… computer had been on a couple hours, but I hadn’t signed on to it yet… and there it was advertising for “Black Friday”???? I’ve NEVER DONE BLACK FRIDAY!!!! EVER!!!!!!

And I watch as Bolton dangles crumbs and no action…. Honest I worked with Yahoos like him… want to talk about arrogance??? The dude is off the chart with arrogance… but………..he has knowledge and I will always harp about knowledge before fake news…. so lets hope the dude delivers us a christmas present before Ruth the supreme court judge gives out on us… the human body can only take so much and she is fighting, because she knows what will happen if the GOP puts another rapist on the supreme court that is god driven and not human driven…. and women’s rights in America will be no more and we will have lost over a 100 years of fighting for women’s rights…. #MeTooVote is the new movement… hope you get on board… I’ve lived in places where women had no say… its a very ugly inhumane process…

I got a kick out of Trump saying what he thinks the founding fathers would say… as I am blood related to George Washington, Morton, Franklin to name a few… I think I would have a better grasp on that… and seperation of church and state would be the first words… but not if Fox news has a say…. those bigots are exactly what the founding fathers were concerned about…. long before technology came along….

As for this veteran and her fight out of PTSD, caused by military coverups of rape and attempted murder, not just on herself, but her children…. I got nada….

Vote… get out and vote… Vote based on facts, that if you look hard enough, you will get through all the fake news bullshit and find facts…

Follow… Follow those who spread the truth, and not fake news… Follow, Bolton, Hill, Holmes… follow all those who swore an oath before your god…. which negates them for me… but since I look for truth… I am hoping that, that many people saying the same thing, with no holes in those facts… I have to follow them…

I have hope, I always have had hope… a grandchild that gave us our Hawiian great gran baby this summer… reached out to us… been a couple years…

We do not isolate those that were rude, vulgar, obtuse or abusive… but we do set boundaries… violate those boundaries and we will keep you on the outside looking in… we won’t isolate, but we won’t participate, you have to crawl out of the hole you built… we didn’t build it, you did……

Same thing we do with the government and christians…. I have no use for corrupt government employees and I have no use for people that use the label christian… I will treat you differntly very subtly….. you will never get to know me or be close to me… and that is being a human with morals, ethics and values….

Not manipulation like christians and Trump….

The PTSD has changed for me…. after 60 years of living with it, because of christians and the U.S. Government cover up…. I survived to tell about it…

Not all of us veterans get that chance… 22+ die every day… an all any of us are talking about… is christians and Trump…. something wrong with that picture….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…..

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