Rape, you never get over it… now America is getting a taste…Russia in the White House….

Rape, a 4 letter word that carries more pain than any other word humans came along to make…. and some of our words are just not used gently… such as “Like”….

My first rape, I was only 12 years old… the man a SSgt in the USAF assaulted me as I lay next to his 6 year old daughter…. and she knew…. that baby knew…. I ended up with IC, see if I can spell that… Interstitial Cystitis…… I know that for a fact, because the symptoms started the day Don came back from Vietnam and I was in bed in pain as he rushed to the woman carrying another mans child….

The 2nd sexual assault, happened up the street from that same house Don came home to in Bonita, Lousiana…. a gas station and the guy bribed a brain injured child and assaulted her…. I have never entered a gas station without watching my back to this day….

The 3rd rape was by a cousin…. after our return from Japan… I was 18….

Another rape in 73, left me pregnant….

By 1978, the Air Force, my day job in uniform… I was invited to a party and got what I guess today is called a mickie… and that gang rape by officers and gentlemen…. was not the last assault….

No the last one was by a federal employee’s husband, who assaulted me just before I married my husband of 25 years and counting…..

No one asked permission…they just took, what they thought they were entitled to in America on American soil and federal installations…

Men in power took what they wanted….. guess someone remembers me… my other twitter account is still shut down…

Americans are getting a taste of rape…

Woman, Man, Child…beast…. rape is rape…. and America is finding out just how far some will go, to continue to have that power over women… they are willing to sell America to the highest bidder and so far….

That’s Russia….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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