2 Years, since I Rememberd… my own death….

Ya know, childhood is suppose to be fun… camping, playing… being a kid and anymore, that just isn’t the reality of life… to many kids have to grow up fast, just like wild animals or not survive….

My story is an old one, only because of men in power protecting men in power… something America is getting a healthy dose of… corruption of mind, heart and soul….

What has transpired since, I remembered when Margie died??? Do I still have Amnesia???

What has transpired… my mother will no longer have contact with me and the final nail in the coffin, the corruption of the youngest, melding over to my own child… and you think Trump is a good con… may I remind you of the Riverside 12.. ring leader… mommy dearest… need I say more….

I don’t have a problem being cut out of the family… that started the day I left home at 18 and her work is complete… all the siblings have mental illness, have committed crimes and are christians…. so yep, she won… I guess… My half brother is 3 years older than me and I’m the oldest of 6, and the youngest, is 3 months older than my 2nd child… again.. need I say more???

I told hubby I wasn’t sure I didn’t suffer a stroke on Japan, when I was there in 86, before they sent us home, because of my health… and military don’t like to move ya, just because you say you are sick… Trippler on Hawaii said I likely had Paget’s disease… and with my head all ready swirling… that was a death sentence… but the stroke on Japan, when??? Bowling night.. we, Yokota, got hit hard with a nasty flu virus and after discharge, shots were not on my list and I didn’t get a flu shot… so I thought I had the flu… I may have been wrong… I’m just not sure….

The chaos of sorting through all this information that had been buried in my brain for decades… sometimes its a tidal wave of feelings…. anger…. and most of all confusion…. because why would anyone hurt a child????

The lost limb feeling is there… the memory of my death not complete… I lost 9 months of my life and I know that 9 months is important… dad was locked up in a psych ward….. for killing me…. and we were headed to Japan…..

A lot of the chaos has settled and the time lines fit with the season, locations and the players….

There are just some of this brain injury, that seems to block me at evey turn….. and I know it’s not going to get easier… it’s going to get way harder, as I close in on the truth….

The night Margie died….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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