VA Death Care dumped… Medicare, to stay alive….

After 18 months of complaints about dental care and the failure of said dental work by the VA in 2010, leaving me a tootless cougar…. meow…. The VA on Hawaii is finally doing their job…

After trying to work with a broken system called Tri-West for VA health care… I gave up and had my Cataract surgeries, yes, both eyes… on Medicare… VA filled the perscriptions for the drops needed for surgery… Medicare, paid for the surgeries and I paid the difference… 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran and I paid for health care???

After another nightmare of events with the VA… I’m done… over it and I refuse to become one of the many they buried….

We had been doing errands in Hilo… actually some aloha spirit, not much, but some… and on our way home, the phone let me know I missed a call from the doc… they were setting up consults thru the VA?! okay I didn’t get pissed… I called them back and said forget the VA, except for my perscriptions… that inhaler is too expensive, plus, use my medicare and the kid let out a yelp that I was using medicare, and he could get me appointments sooner by giving up on the VA… even the employees get it… it’s that bad…

So all those consults, that the doctor got some how confused about… they are finally going out and the one for Neuro is being resubmitted and I know, April will be the soonest they get me in…. I’m okay with that… where I’m gonna go????? no teeth remember….meow……

Lots of doctor appointments will happen and maybe I can get some answers, before I buckle and take medication… I do get the dangers of hypothyrodism… you just got to prove to me that besides the numbers, these others symptoms are related to the thyroid and not the abnormal brain wave… so answers will come, in time… and time I got….

Ordered my eye glass’s…. just as spendy as before… but now I know what my perscription means… to correct my distance stigmatigism and for my up close vision… couple weeks, I will have consistent vision and not this off and on….

Lubricating the eyes more often per the surgeons instructions and that should help clear the fog I see once and a while, because of my dry eyes…

Answers in the last 24 hours… accomplishments done… ice cream bought… time for some real down time and just enjoy Hawaii…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

The stress has caused some memories to come forward lately… Neurology says they see no reason the 52 years of amnesia won’t go away…. some day….. the living aren’t talking… so this is my last hope to regain those memories stolen by christians……

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