Trauma & Edetic Memory or HSAM…. Why is Twitter censoring American Citizens???

Hubby picked up a new pot, for me, that has no depressant in it, an instead it’s like drinking too much coffee… so mix with something else is happening… and because of this pot, it causes me to go to thought process’s that I avoid right now, because I am more focused on physical health and building strength and maintain mobility… mental health, not a big priority right now… and that being said….

I keep going back to what the shrink at El Paso said about my memory ability… and at that time we had no clue about head injury, strokes or seizures…. so he went off the paper tests and verbal conversation we had… and I think this is why he wasn’t right…

I make memories, based on events… and if the event imprints… I will remember in detail that moment in time… and rarely will good memories, be associated with bad memories… no matter how much I want them too…

It’s not so much that I can remember everything that ever happened or was said… it’s how the moments in time unfolded and who the players were….

The other day in Costco… I walked right passed my hubby of 25 years and looked straight at him and didn’t recognize him… it’s always been that way… and I think that has to do with the abnormal brain wave…

I wrote a few weeks ago, it was active and I thought it had quit… and when blood work came back showing high numbers on the TSH, that got me thinking… I needed, Endochronology and Neurology on this… this is brain chemical related to the abnormal brain wave and I say that with some conviction, because if you look up the symptoms for “Hypothyrodism”…. I don’t meet the profile… at all… nada… none of those symptoms are directly tied to me…

The only reason I ever went on thyroid meds, I was fatigued in 1993 and the doc said your thyroid is out of whack and the nightmare began….

According to neurology, repeated blows to various areas of the brain, can impact thyroid function… and taking the HGH I was taking, was impacting those numbers…

It will be April before I see neurology…. and mainly for tests and answers, no treatment… no drugs… I’ve got this and just want to know what and where and how it impacts the brain per text books and compare to what I actually experience… as for Endo… once they are informed of head injury, they should take a specific track for their testing…. time… lots of time, while they do the dental implants for this to all get done………………………

Eye checkup… I gots good vision, I just got baby gunk in my eyes… they are very dry and that is a byproduct of the stroke at 13 years old… I stared, wide eyed and didn’t blink… and yes… memories are coming back… as for the twitch in my eye… yippee… it’s nerve damage and since my head and face was mothers favorite target…. oh dear… some dude is going to think I winked at them?!?!?!?!?!?!? lol

Day started, new twitter page set up… censorship in America… but they want a right to buy any kind of gun out there, but I can’t speak the truth… their interpretation is just what ever…. you can’t fix stupid, stupid, has to want to fix it’s self….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

We’ll see how long Twitter lets this page stay open… thin skin is an understatement for humans that wear labels….

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