Democracy destroyed by Christians….Face Book & Twitter Censorship by the GOP!!!

Face book shut down… they closed 2 of pages, because christians don’t like the truth and Twitter shut down a page… but they will let the president spew posion like no tomorrow and attack citizens…. WHY??????????????


Are christians hell bent on making the world as miserable as them???

They believe in rape and murder… they have no problem starting wars and they have no problem taking what isn’t there’s!!!!

So why are christians like Trump and his base so afraid of……..


Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie and someone must still be alive, that was involved with the coverup of my murder in 1967 at Webb AFB and must be in congress to shut down so many pages of 1 little human among billions…. if you got a better answer, I’m all ears!!!! okay, not all ears…..

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