Friday will be 2 weeks since the last of the rotting roots were removed, that I bitched about for years… blood showed no infection…. yea… but that was knocked out when the first mess started….

Yesterday, dentist did the adjustments I asked for… and he looked for sore areas… and I told him, you won’t see any… mouth was just to sore from the extrations to wear the denture for long… but I was wearing it and trying over the last couple of weeks to eat with it….

Well, last night I did and it felt good to eat a real meal and chew it and swallow, without causing the spasms down my tube…..

Didn’t get to eat much… but I ate and didn’t get into anything in the night… so tummy was happy and slept till it was time to do it’s job….

This morning… after putting a bunch of glue in the denture…. I cooked breakfast and a crunchy english muffin and the works…. got eaten…

Again, much slower than I have, over the last 10 years when all this dental work started being a problem… in fact my front bridge work, broke the night before they took the transmesh out… got a good laugh out of the surgical ward signing all I want for christmas is my 2 front teeth… surgery was just before that holiday in 2009….

Pain… yep, the gums hurt… but not as bad as before… removing those roots in the molar area… seems to have been the issue with that pain… as for the front bridge and it’s roots… that tissue, still sore, but, it’s not been 2 weeks…

So yea!!! I can eat… off the candy, ice cream diet… put more exercise in my day, every day and see if I can get my thyroid to respond that way… if it doesn’t… I should be seeing someone in Endo by Jan or Feb…. and likely on some kind of thyroid med… just need Neuro on this too….

Other than discomfort from the dentures and the fact one area of my lip is getting chopped on when I eat… it’s getting there… not great, not comfortably… but tolerable enough for me to function and quit hiding in my house…. so eating out, just got put back on our activity list, when out and about….

Listening to the impeachment, just reminds me what I went through and how the minority covered up rape and attempted murder, in order to protect the base commander from being fired in 1981…. 1st sgt was fired… it was his kid that tried to kill mine!!!

It’s disgusting what religion has done to our democracy… and I told hubby…. that bucket list for that garlic farm, just gets bigger every day…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember Margie…..

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