So tired of Christians in the U.S. Government employment, lying and stealing from the American people….

Listening to the news this morning, as it poured rain over Hawaii… I was struck at how many times these people that are working for you and me, who call themselves… I don’t call them, they call themselves christians….

And they are raping you as you watch and some of you support it….

I have seen corruption in government since 1971….

It is not the agencies that are corrupt… It is the humans, your mom & dad, brother or sister, aunt or uncle… who works there… and I saw lots… and lots of corruption since 1971….

From the time I worked federal service in 1971 till I went active duty in 1977, to when I quit working federal service in 1996… corruption…. and by people who always told me they followed some form of religion….

After that many decades of seeing it, working along side it… religion is destroying our democracy and taking our freedoms as individuals….

When corruption went down over Nixon… it was in your face all the time, long before Cable TV and internet…

Now… it’s so much in your face… you wonder if there is another planet you can move too… because the people that are mentally ill…. Are taking over the planet…. all you got to do is look at the church and the government….

They are coming for us all…..

So, bucket list…… garlic farm, moat…. in between 2 tall mountains, perched on top of one… like Wil E. Coyote…. and I’ll be set…..

Goofing aside… you hope that those who work in the jobs do them and that the constitution can withstand this onslaught of dismantling by christians, Trump and Russia…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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