Love these Aha Moments… Anger triggered the Abnormal Brain Wave…

We know according to the EEG, that I have 1 maybe 2 abnormal brain waves that kick in at the weirdest times??? or is it just normal for me???

Explanation of this confab….

We live in a typical Hawaiian home, the eves, stick out real far, to keep rain from coming in the windows… an when the summer sun isn’t so high that area under the eves dries out, because when hubby waters it.. the grass grows closer to the foundation… less dust, during the hot months… but…

This time of year, we get less sun and those areas, do not dry out when hubby waters them and all of a sudden I have a slip and slide, when I go to the outside laundry room… why???

Because I am a earth child and hate shoes… and still run around barefoot at 65 years old… but not when I have a slimy wet mess to step on…. and I went sliding the other day… and thus this confab…

Hubby is telling me what he’s going to do today and he starts off with watering under the eaves…. and it happened…

I felt the heat hit the side of my head and I got irritated and told him, what I just told you about the slip and slide…. my irritation, triggered the abnormal brain wave to heighten in activity…..

As it happened and hubby got the message and realized what he was doing wrong this time of year…. it hit me… is it hot and humid… this is still going on… so I grabbed the Ipad, checked the weather, barometer, humidity level, yada, yada, yawn….

Eureka…. I can control the abnormal brain wave, especially when it’s heightened, like it was, when irritated with hubby, not realizing what a hazard he was creating….. problem solving is my special gift… and I prefer to let others figure it out, until they put me at risk and then I pipe up…. sometimes loudly…. sometimes… just irritated like today…. and the aha moments happened…

Getting control of the abnormal brain wave has been my ultimate goal my whole life…

My whole life, since the first injury to the brain at age 5…. I have known… and didn’t know what to do, what it was, how to handle it and why man made medication, turned me into Jekly and Hyde…..

Well now I know… thanks to the bumbling of doctors here on the island finally listening to me….

I have a feeling, if I can convince the doctor to order the tests… a Pet or other high tech brain scan is in my future….

Control…. gaining and recognizing the abnormal brain wave and not letting it be in control… is huge… it’s major….. and most of all it gives me an advantage over others… it allows the memory ability to work more effectively…. but….

Always that word but….. I am smoking pot right now and with all the major scary dental stuff to come… that ain’t going any place soon… I prefer pot over man made mind controlling drugs.. or religion…..

If ya think about it… the evangelicals that support Trump… have so much dirt in their own closets… and they want to enslave women, so we have no rights over our own body… watching the corruption of christianity play out… gives me no solace….

Mental illness is pervasive… one of these days… psychology in court won’t work… because you’ll make some court rule that religion is mental illness in its worse and truest forms…. and just maybe at that time….

Humans will have a say over how they live, what they think and most of all ownership over their own body and soul…. christians don’t like that… skeletons… they have lots of them….

my closet…

Has been open since this blog started… yep that squeaky clean… I have made mistakes… but, who hasn’t….

I didn’t know about the brain injury christians gave me…

its what I do with the rest of my life that matters now….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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