Davey Crockett & Bagwells???

Been doing more research, when I can see single letters, instead of 3 of the same one…. yea, perscription this week after post…op….

As for Crockett and the Bagwells I descend from….

It looks… like we are descended from the same grandfather… except for me, it’s about 5th or 6th great grandfather….

Davey Crockett is a son of my gg’s kid… don’t ask me to go back again… it hurt, figuring out this much….

There is so much lore and gossip and family stories…. that, finding facts… is like avoiding Fox news… Fake does me no good….

So… from what I have found… Dave Crockett, the greatest frontiersmen ever… is a cousin…. we come from the same granpa…. so, that’s cool….

As for Morton, the VP… he is the same, a great grandfather and he descends from the Faunce line that were pilgrims…

From being among the first immigrants to touch the soil of the Americas… to being related to Ben Franklin, Davey Crockett, Wyatt Earp, VP Morton and oh my goodness is there ever so much more….

Men and women who made our nation great and kept the church and state apart….

It really does make me sad to see what christians are doing to the democracy my forefathers fought and died for….

Remember….. the Alamo…..

Truly honored to carry their blood and DNA inside this mortal package….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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