Face Book Accessed my Blog??? I’m not on Face Book… Account deleted by them???

Maybe too early in the morning… no clue, long night and listening to the ambassador… wow… she’s good…

But I looked at my blog and there it is… Face book and access to an audio recording in my blog???

Okay, I don’t have a face book account… it was deleted about 6 months ago… so how could anyone, access the blog, via face book, if nothing is out there on face book that is mine??? Especially since It was deleted after they blocked me… Face Book that is…!!!

So if you think using face book is safe… Think again…

Now don’t get me wrong… you can have all my pictures and audio and you won’t be able to duplicate me… I don’t use my natural voice and I don’t use pictures that can identify me… so have at it…. also our credit is frozen….

Been down identity theft road before, because of the federal government giving out my social security number… El Paso VA, sure has a lot of explaining to do… but that director is one I filed a IG complaint about and he was fired…..

I imagine in a couple weeks, I’ll get a phone call for a consult sometime in the next couple of months… and if I don’t like the guy… I can go to Oahu… oh joy… flying on Hawaiian airlines with morbidly obese people and not able to be comfortable… ya know… I told hubby… we may just start packing an head home and get a specialist there… flying back and forth… not really interested…

Pain is the normal every day pain I have lived with my whole life… haven’t put any dentures in this morning and won’t until I need to eat… okay, big sigh on that one… they hurt like a SOB and eating is becoming something I avoid… or do it in a hurry so, the pain is done with quicker…. what a mess the VA created….

Having lots of tachycardia lately… not sure why… stress is a big factor in that condition… so, I’m thinking I need to get back into meditation again and push for more physical activity… wear myself out, so the brain is too tired and sleeps…. lots of stress lately… lots….

Day started… nights are cool, and days are still hot…. next week appointments for followups and find out about my vision… it’s just flat out wonky…

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie… use face book at your own risk… identity theft cost me in the thousands by an ex husband that died recently, and his crap came off my credit report and I have been married to my current husband 25 years!!! Transunion is corrupt… they were the only ones with his shit on my report… the others removed it….

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