Plymouth Pilgrims….

I had no idea that we were part of the Mayflower group or actually 100% part of the founding of America….

And right in front of my face… the Plymouth Pilgrims and it was my great great great grandfather, might of missed a great in that count…

I went on to research some other periodicals and found that Vice President Morton is a direct descendant….

Sometimes doing research about the long past…

Surprises even me….

So, not only were my people among the first to take land from the native Americans… my cousin was the 1st president of the United States… another direct descendant was a vice president and the journey seems to know no end…..

I thought it was fascinating that I was related to the Holy Roman Emperor… but to be related directly to the founders of our nation….

Just wow… I wonder what they would think of Trump and his corrupt religious base??? and most of all I wonder what they would think of their descendant having to fight daily for the health care she earned, by serving this nation….

I’m kind of gob smacked at the moment… I have a lot of reading to do, about those that gave so much for the life I now live….

Sgt. USAF DAV… I remember… Margie….

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