Finding the positive of being a Woman Veteran….

What was and is the positive of being a veteran???

I served…. I did my job… I served….

After my re-enlistment… which was after the rape and attempted murder of my kids on a federal installation…. things changed and not in a good way…

My recovery from the strokes and the advancement of the neuropathy… the removal of my female organs and subsequent chemical change to the brain with man made hormones… I was doomed, yet I survived…

I survived the messed up health care that the government thinks they are so good at… I survived the rapes in the Air Force and outside the military…. I survived my own death and subsequent beatings… all the while being told, that my health issues were all in my mind… Ironically, that MRI says they were oh so right, just not in the way they wanted…. and I win my full disability from the VA and fight daily for my care….

I just wrote out checks for about $2,000 for cataract surgery… money that should be going to debt… instead, because the VA and Tri west are playing god… I was going blind, as I waited to get surgery by a surgeon of my choice…. so I, a 100% service connected veteran…. paid…. again….

With the dental… I have options… I have equity in my house, but we want to leave Hawaii and go home, where round eyes is okay and not hated….

Finding the positive in this… Each day we walk, we run into a sweet lady, my guess Japanese, haven’t asked, but her accent is strong… and she knew I had been ill, so she asks…. another neighbor, asked this morning about my eyes… we laughed… and best of all… it would seem our other neighbors got rid of the chickens and rooster…. we have been sleeping better, not longer… just quieter at night…. hubby sprays for coquis… so, it’s nice with natural sounds to lull you to sleep or the waves crashing on the cliffs….

So, yes, there are positives and negatives… right now the negative is the pain… and trying to eat… I feel for hubby, he feels guilty he can eat, what I spend time cooking and the dogs get most of mine… at least someone is happy… all 8 legs of them…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie… she needs to be my focus… not my health care….

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