Remembering the fallen….

my granpa Lt. Miller

I have spent my time today doing ancestry… mostly… updating records on WWI draft records and wow… what a surprise….

As I reviewed the couple hundred that came up for the family, I was amazed, how many of them came home….

You see when doing ancestry, you see, where these people died and 1 out of every 3, died over seas in foreign lands, defending those foreign lands….

My research has taken me all the way back to the American revolution and DNA says Ben Franklin is a cousin… as is George Washington himself, our first president….

I look at the pictures of the graves of our American soldiers who gave all, so people like Trump and his corrupt christian base, could dismantle our democracy….

I also see, the many who followed the revolution and fought in the civil war on both sides…., and each war since…. my family gave all for Americas democracy….

We didn’t put the uniform on for god and country… it’s a nice sentiment… but the reality of the world is… gods are a dime a dozen….

Democracy is rare and fleeting…..

As you celebrate your Veterans day, with picnics, movies, video games and the like…

Remember the thousands of men and women who gave the ultimate sacrafice for your day off…. they fought for democracy and the right to live and chose how we breath daily…. not gods… but democracy…..

Trump and his base want to take those rights from you and Sanders and Cortez want to change our nation to a 3rd world pipe dream….

I wore a uniform for democracy… as did many in my family…. Trump and base just take what was never theres to begin with……

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…. have a safe Veterans day….

me…… so very long ago…..

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