Abnormal Brain Wave… seizures caused by TBI or blunt force trauma….

It hit… it was not pretty when it hit…

The room started to spin… I felt warm and the memory washed over me….

TV interview and subsequent beating…. trip to see Johnny & Patsy….. Freda pregnant with David, Peggy twice as tall as me… and I am covered in bruises and have a broken wrist, right little finger is broken and you can see blunt force trauma fractures in my arms…. the legs and knees are bruised and the knees are twice their size… the picture has been used in the blog before…..

It’s that subsequent trip to see uncle and my puking my guts out all over that fancy car…..

And from that moment in time at the age of 6…. I had trouble with motion… cars, roller coasters… anything that moved, without me in control… I was throwing up and more than likely having seizures… if what I just went through is a correct reminder of the events at 5 when the beating happened and trip around my birthday….

The last time the abnormal brain wave did it’s thing and left me a little wrung out, when our company was here in March… I had one… and it was brutal….and lasted much longer….

This time when it started… I did my neck exercises… making sure its aligned… got on the floor and did the spine exercises, making sure those muscles are aware of posture and form… form so important for me…

Hubby jumped up and took care of things for the 20 to 30 minutes it lasted….

It’s not 100% done… but for the most part, it’s over… and this time…. it lost control and I took over control….

I get that my spine is out of whack and not aligned and if I do the things I need to do to keep the muscles strong, the body stays in form and does not put pressure on the nerves going up my spine into my skull triggering the abnormal brain wave…. and there is the aha moment….

The abnormal brain wave, in my opinion… since it’s my body… is because of pressure on the nerves in my neck that are involved with the central nervous system and when Freda beat me at 5 years old, with that thick wooden yard stick… she hit my neck and damaged the nerves and thus….

My abnormal brain wave… it all comes down to posture… don’t believe me???

Did you know that ringing in your ears can be caused by your neck????

The body, the most fun toy on the planet…. and the most confusing….

About 8 months in between the actual abnormal brain wave… and this time…

I took control….

Got a little dinner down… but a bowl of ice cream and blue berries later, will finish, what dinner started…. satisfying my hunger….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…. Margie…. I do love when this memory thing works right… another health issue figured out… just need neurology to confirm it….

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