Taking control back…. wish the GOP would do their job instead of hiding behind that fake god Jesus…..

Last night… first night I have had insomnia in a very long long time…. and I had to take a pill that would induce sleep… not my favorite thing to do… I prefer, being in charge of when I sleep… not medication…..

I kept having wave, after wave of panic attacks…. a feeling all to familiar to someone who lived the “flight or fight” mode for 50 years, because Freda never told me about my death and strokes…. I didn’t like the feeling during those 50 years and I don’t like it creeping into my existence now….

I called the dental clinic and left a message and in that message these words a few minutes ago….

“After Tuesdays mess and the VA wanting impressions, since we didn’t do the adjustments to the denture and attitudes were not good, I thought I would wait a couple days, before trying to get those needed adjustments… that denture is doing me no good in a bowl on my bathroom counter”…. and hung up, telling them to call me if they are going to do their job…..


No more bullying by health care professionals!!! They are not gods, they are dumb ass humans that passed tests!!!! They haven’t proven their worth in their profession yet, at least not to me…….

So I imagine they will call me for an appointment some time today and I will walk in, head high, making them make eye contact and making them realize… without patients… YOU DON’T HAVE A BUISNESS!!!!!! UGH!!!!!

Do I feel better??? YES!!! I got it off my chest and let them know I didn’t appreciate their behavior Tuesday or lack of professionalism!!!!!

Now, if someone would have the balls to do that to Trump and stand up for right and justice… We might have a democracy on our hands instead of a religious dictatorship!!!!

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…. Margie…..

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