Hill resigns and Kavanaugh an Trump rapist are still in business….

When religion allows rape and murder… it’s not a religion and the christian faith is nothing more than a cult, just like Muslims, Hindu’s, Buddaist, yada, yada, yawn… on stupidity and man made gods….

Watching the news this morning and Hills resignation and I remember the contorted face of Kavanauh and Graham…. and Professors Ford’s frightened face strolls past my line of vision and you christians have no problem with that… because if you did… you would have to face the reality of your existence and fellowship in a church with a label of christian…. wow… double down till the rapture that will never be….

Honest… after leaving the church and doing the research to prove that god was nothing more than a myth and superstitions and above all a place to hide the mose heinous crimes done to humanity…. by hiding behind a god you made up…. just wow….

I was pushed out of the military after the rape and attempted murder of my kids on a federal installation…. men in power protecting men in power…

The 1st Sgt, who’s son rape my kids…. was allowed to retire… they tried to reassign me, but I couldn’t afford the assignment in California…. we would have been living in poverty… so I declined… and the clock started ticking for an excuse to push me out… within a year of my re-enlistment… they found one… and not to much later… I was honorably discharged… when medical records said I should have met a medical board…. they won and my kids & I lost so much more….so much for honor, justice and integrity… it doesn’t exist in the christian world… only their distorted form of truth… that has zero merit…. just like the bible….

The damage done by christians and men in power will continue until women realize… the only reason we need a man in our lives… if we want to conieve… anymore a sperm bank replaces that human in physical form….

Women have been fighting for the #MeToo movement for over a 100 years… and women let men put them back down every time… by buying the snake oil the men sell…

Honest you can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix it’s self……

I wish Hill luck in her fight… I have been fighting it since 1983 against my own government… welcome to the real world of men in power protecting men in power Katie Hill….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…. Margie…

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