What is a Liar????

Ever ask that question??? What makes a Liar???

Is it someone who is a licensed care giver and they tell you this illness is what you got… but they are wrong…. are they a liar???

Is it the priest giving last rites and he asks his god for, forgiveness for his sins… when in reality he broke the law and raped a child… does that make him a liar to us or the god???

Is it when a man elected as a world leader, who can look you straight in the eye and tell you the Ukraine call was perfect… but the professional career federal and military employees say it was not… who do you believe??? the elected leader, because he worships the same god… or the men and women who put their lives on the line, so you could make stupid choices about gods????

Today was interesting for my post op…. I have to go back again in a few weeks… my eyes haven’t settled down, well that’s not right… I have pressure or residual gunk left in each surgical eye…. and my vision in my right eye, went to shit… literally speaking too….

So, I knew before I saw the doctor… my answer, but I asked anyway….

Did the traumatic brain injuries I sustained as a child impact my right eye???

He was examining my eyes when I asked and he pulled back and said likely so…

Now the MRI did not show any major damage… just the one very small area of brain damage, in other words, it’s not active… and you know what??? that one tiny area… took so much… cut off a finger or limb, you’ll know exactly what I mean… or lose a twin to death… no other feeling like it….

I have asked eye doctors for over 30 years about this vision thing… now none of them lied… because not even I knew about the brain injuries or strokes…. but mommy did…..

You can stand on the hill top and scream till your hearts content you are a christian… but if you don’t live it…

You’re just another con… like Trump and the Gop…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…. Margie….

When we get back home and I get in the VA there… and things are working so we can use VA… I’ll push for a special scan that will tell us, if the nerves or other conective tissue was impacted decades ago… and as with all of this, it likely is so….. As for VA care… we don’t have any… my doctor got tired of billing the government an not getting paid….. so I got a bill in the mail… thank you christians… moat, garlic farm… yep… definitely on the bucket list….

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