PTSD and everyday life…. & Levothyroxine….

At one time, the bed was the enemy…. toss and turn for hours, doze off and on and wake up as if you had just done a marathon….. it still happens…

The science I read about PTSD can be a life long condition… I thought… nope, not this person…. and I got to back track on that thought process….

My body chemistry is balancing out… doc wants another blood draw…. to see if the thyroid is staying consistent…

Then my body is doing what it should and the hippocampus and other injured brain sections have done the reboot so to speak and the hot flash’s are back and my body is doing what it should have done… if I had never been put on Levothyroxine… the man made medication from hell…..

At first when the hot flash hit, I thought it was the abnormal brain wave they found, that has caused issues for decades… but when other symptoms didn’t kick in… I knew… the hot flash was normal reaction to my body chemistry balancing out…. and the next blood draw should confirm that…. so that is getting where it needs to be… and hormones are where they should be….

How does this impact PTSD… go thru menopause and come back and talk to me… mine started in 1979…. thank you dumb ass Air Force doctors….

Another indicator… my thyroid has been trying to reboot since New Mexico… I would say about 2011, is when the sweating started…. and guess what… it’s backing off, the night sweats caused by the thyroid….

If my thoughts are right on this… I should have never been on medication for my thyroid… they should have tested my levels for a year, before putting anyone on that man made drug from hell Levothyroxine….

All that being said… the depression was chemical induced for a long time by the thyroid man made drug….

I recognize I still deal with some depression and it’s reflected in my daily activities…. as long as I am aware and work to get past this last hurdle…. the depression should never have a hold on me, like it did before I got my memories back….

50 years of living hell and all my bitch mother had to do… the christian that knows her fucking god!!!! All she had to do is tell what happened to me and I could have gotten help…. she is still playing god with my brothers and sisters lives and they are just lapping it up….

You can’t fix stupid… stupid has to want to fix it’s self…..

As for the PTSD… I honestly think, that will be with me for life… if my guess is right about the brain….

PTSD will always be with me, because christians want to be slave owners and I fought back….

I Remember…. Margie… and she survived christians and their bigotry and hate….

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