NO More VA Death Care!!! Trump and GOP need to move home to RUSSIA!!!!

Awaken in the middle of the night with mouth pain… only because of my partials….

The maxillary is because of all the dental work that failed and I have no real functioning denture an only 3 teeth left on one side of my mouth… been a true adventure in eating… how kids adapted so easily when they lose their front teeth is beyond me… weight gain not a worry now….

As for the mandible… that is why I requested the implants… because of the mandible partial… it’s been painful since the day the El Paso VA made it and ignored my dental issues from the Arkansas VA on the frontal bridge that broke down to my roots on the 3rd of Oct.. or was it the 4th… time flies when you are in non stop pain….

The lower partial is my demon right now and without it… no eating of any kind… between the old upper partial that just has 3 molars on it for the right side, and 3 natural teeth on the left side… the lower partial has nothing but molars… the only thing I have left to eat with… molars and in reality only the left side is functional to eat…

That being said… the pain now radiates from the TMJ, down my throat and up my Trigimenal nerve area…. headaches and constant mandible pain from the partials and pounding of 1 tooth…. weight won’t be any kind of issue… or at least gaining weight… losing… that is happening daily…..

Catch 22 and I am over VA death care and told hubby that this morning… we will be on Hawaii at least 12 to 18 months… because if the VA won’t start the process… I will….

I imagine the manidble implants will run me about $10,000 out of my pocket…. for health care the GOP REPUBLICANS AND PRESIDENT PROMISED ME!!!!!

100% Service Connected….. Sgt USAF DAV….. I remember democracy before corrupt christians and Russians took over the White house and Senate…….

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