Defending the Indefenseable but god will forgive you… will humanity???

How do you defend the indefenseable??? Why believe in a god that says priest are good men and should be forgiven for the human weakness?????

Okay you got me on this topic… but I was watching a few minutes of SE Cupp, not my cup of tea…. as they say… but her statement, how defending the indefenseable had become and industry and she is right… it’s called….

Religion… a multi billion dollar business and you give permission for your kids to be raped and your country…

Not sure any of you can defend what the GOP or Trump is doing and make it make sense… because so far… all I have seen from every GOP member out there since Trump got the election….

Snake Oil…. Ponzy Scheme and the best, a tax break for the wealthy and you yahoos who believe a god is real… defend it…

Just remember… Salem Witch Trials…. Spanish Inquisition….. Holocaust….to name a few and right now….

The extermination of the Kurds under your christian watch… nope you can’t defend murder…but your god will forgive you… but will humanity???? Will your kids???

I remember….

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