Asian in the blood…. DNA wow!!! 23andMe

Working on the ancestry research again, and I am loving it… don’t get why I have a fascination with it… but, what I learn about people is fascinating and the fact… history is just repeating it’s self, because humans bought into religion, instead of believing in them selfs…. that’s what the con is about… control over you….

Recent updates to my DNA profile was exciting…. I have a Great great grandparent back as far as the 1500 who is 100% Indian… just not native American Indian… nope… from India…. the country I have been fascinated with my whole life, now I know why…. talk about goose bumps or as they say here…. chicken skin…. wow and I have Scandinavian in me… over 2%….

So, if you are curious about who you really are and not what the bible says you are…. do a DNA test and connect to the thousands of people that came long before your god……

I am most proud of my Congo heritage on both sides of the family, 300,000 years of DNA history….

I claim the earth as my home and humanity my religion……

I Remember… Margie….

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