Aha moment, we can move home next year….2nd VA home….

When I bought this house on Hawaii…. I already had a VA loan on the house in New Mexico…. but because I hadn’t spent the full amount I was eligible to spend… I could use my VA again, as long as the home, wasn’t near the first home…. and damn me… Hawaii be a long way from Washington state….

Even if they do my dental… I can buy another home… just like I did when I moved here….

It will be an investment property… but that is okay, we have been remodeling homes for the last 20 years… we know how to do it…..

Now that we decided that we will plan on a move next year, but keep this house until my dental is all done… in other words… I will be doing a little flying….. as we will be at the end of the implant process, so maybe a couple of flights here….

Now we just have to find out what amount we can spend on another house and start looking…. plenty of time to do that next year, when we are ready to make the move…. maybe we will be home for the holidays next year…. just got to have the property come along, we can afford….

I do love it when my brain farts work out to a plan that is achievable… it’s how we moved here…..


I Remember…..

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