I Miss the Aloha

Years ago, I stayed at Turtle Bay and Trippler, and I experienced the Aloha of Hawaii over those many months I was there, the time of Disco fading….

As I returned to Japan to work and move back to the mainland, I bragged of that time of Aloha on Hawaii….

Many decades later, my husband decides he wants to experience the aloha of Hawaii…

By the time we had been here 2 years, we were ready to go home…

I have blood connection to Hawaii… Uncle Lee & family spent time in the interment camps, yet he went on to serve the nation….

My granddaughters father is Hawaiian and she just gave us another one to love and cherish, along with his native American heritage…

Hawaii felt like home, once… Not anymore….

Many kapuna we meet, have told us, Aloha is no more…

Yesterday I listened to a woman scream for over a half hour for help… We called 911, unable to assist, we did what we could… took a half hour plus for a cop to show up, but we don’t know for sure, they could have come from a different direction, it did get quiet, the house is a couple acres away… she has good lungs, but we don’t know who was assaulted….

The behavior of many is hurting the few, because right now the many have the loudest voices, because to become vocal, you become a target and here… Hawaii has it’s gangs too….

No longer feeling comfortable and safe…. ready to leave Hawaii right now… but that is because of the domestic violence I am being exposed to… as we don’t know who or exactly where someone was assaulted, you can only look over your back as that is all any can do… we did see the women that live there, but we aren’t sure they live there… it’s a sketchy setup, since they moved in… and I hope someone gets help, before someone ends up dead…

I Remember… Margie….

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