Chaneling my deep seated anger….

Yesterdays domestic violence brought it all home again… It happened before and he’s always armed… you let the authorities do their job an hope they get help….

The mans screaming an anger brought to light my own anger over the living not talking and my taking it out on everything I feel like attacking…

I remind myself, Margie has only been awake 23 months… the truth of what happened in those 4 walls, took a while to sink in… the players that took over my life in so many ways… Steven King would have a field day with this CreepShow but I think more the Twilight Zone… as it still is……

Mass hysteria a known thing that happens over time… People will take their lives in mass suicide, because someone told them the end was here…

Mauna Kea, the people are taking from those of us, who have a say, but are silenced by the money coming in to support the demonstrators and I think of the screams of yesterday and how long before we saw cops…. we are in the boonies, and not easy access….a perfect opportunity….

Again my mind goes back to the man screaming as I scream the cops are coming an he threatens… and I scream louder, multiple times, “The Cops are coming”… giving the woman hope….

It has left me drained… not wanting to be on twitter with smart ass remarks about christians and Trumps corruption in plain sight…. it’s so yesterday and measures are in place, I know, I worked the jobs…

My vote, will be my voice… but twitter, wise ass remarks yes… backing off the base??? They didn’t back off me, when they killed me………………………..

I Remember…. Margie…..

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