Cataract Surgery Medication…. for your information only….

My first eye surgery on the right eye at the end of August… this is what the regiment was:

Diclofenac drops 4 times a day that is the pain med….

Ciprofloxacin drops 4 times a day that is antibiotic….

Prednisolone drops after surgery 4 times a day….

The duration for taking these is started on Sunday and Surgery was on Wednesday a few days later and the drops are used for up to 4 weeks…

The right eye, I was ready to rip it out… the pain medication Diclofenac was virtually useless costs $400+ at Walmart which was the cheapest and it didn’t do that good of job for the pain, the stinging or the discomfort….

The left eye surgery was last week on Wednesday… and I had forgotten to have my doctor order the drops when I did my physical… so the surgeon provided me with a subsitute sample for the pain med…. this is as follows…

Tuesday, day before surgery 1 drop of “Bromsite”… pain medication….

Tuesday, day before surgery 4 drops thru the day of the Ciprofloxacin antibiotic….

Thursday, day after surgery, I started the Prednisolone drops….this is a steroid…

The Bromsite has been the best for pain… I get up and the first thing I do, put the drops in about 5 minutes apart, so they can work effectively and the first drop I use… Bromsite for the pain….

I have not woke up and rubbed my eye, or messed with my eye… the left eye surgery with Bromsite for pain was and is a lot easier to deal with than the right eye that used Diclofenac for pain….

That was my scenario with my cataract surgery…. Right eye was hell for the first 2 weeks…. Left eye, quit bothering me by Sunday… 4 days after surgery….

Just a FYI for anyone going in for eye surgery…. I checked and I think, because I couldn’t see the numbers clearly, the Bromsite was less than $200 versus the Diclofenac which was over $400 at Walmart and over $500 at other pharmacies….

This is my cataract surgery results….

Now, as for vision… Glass’s are definite for me, I got the long range lens installed, so that I wouldn’t need glass’s when driving or watching TV… but up close, yep, I’ll need them to see clearly…..

Surgery was worth having done… I used my medicare and so far I expect to pay about $1,000 out of pocket for everything, including the eye drops I had to pay for, because I forgot to have the doc order from the VA…

I Remember…. Margie and how her eyes changed after her dad beat her an gave her a stroke at 14 years old, via mommy dearest…. I quit waiting on the VA to take care of me…. 100% service connected veteran and I am paying for my health care… yea for christians and Trump..

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