Ugh, WHY???

Last night was rough, an I knew it could be… but had to try, so my maxillary gums can recover at night, none went well…

About 1AM, I was taking a cyclobenazprine 10mg, to make my TMJ relax, so my tongue would un=seize…about 2AM the pill took effect an relaxed my facial muscles…

At least my doc listened an gave me the drug to help me cope with the loss of teeth…thank you HILO, VA, Hawaii for denying me care, the blog is hubby evidence if things go south for me…

One thing I noticed wearing the partials at night the last couple, I don’t clench my jaw or hold it tight with the partials…

Always trying to cope with a situation other humans playing god made… if you think its rough for me, put Trump in the white house for another term an you’ll get a true taste of hell on earth, that dude cares about his skin only an that does not include you…

Sgt USAF DAV 100% service connected veteran fighting for what king Trump took away… MY HEALTHCARE!!!!! #NotMyPresident or fake religion….

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