Our Choices Rule the Day??? Hilo VA Clinic Dental Implants Yes or No??? quit playing Trumps games, I am human not a number… Sgt. USAF DAV 100% service connected…

Sort of melancholy type of day…. sleep, okay, but could be better… Stress, not really… VA is doing their job in a snails fashion and it could mean up to 2 more years on Hawaii and right now, with the attitude of the people, this falls into the category of FIGMO…. when you were stuck some place you would rather not be… and that’s only because of the attitude of a couple drivers on our private roads… us white, them not so much… sigh… I have lived with others bigotry since birth… so ready for that garlic farm and moat….

The choices others made have impacted my whole life, makes ya wonder why suicide wasn’t part of the picture??? That answer is easy… I already died once, why would I want to do it again at my own hand… when christians had already been successful…..

Probably why I’m a half glass full type, you got me and I did just shrug my shoulders… but I don’t see myself that way… I just refuse to give up, and that makes more sense and nod my head in agreement…

Freda couldn’t break me and that is what they envy… the head viper couldn’t break me, like she did the rest of her kids… wow…. Dad Don…. was just a tool for Freda… once we got bigger than her, she let him do the beating… all the while she was the master controller and still is…. but she knows her god… thats me, just a FYI….

I hold the truth behind the fake image…. My ancestry program gave me access to public records, ya know address, phone numbers… hope lil bro did the necessary with credit companies to keep current info private… but not from what I saw…. we should drop in for the holidays or mothers day some year…. maybe…. knock, knock……

This memory ability, it’s not hitting me all at once and when a load of memories flood in, it’s like watching a twilight zone movie… because as they play out, so do the emotions play through… as if the moments in time were happening at that very minute….

ya know that has been going on for decades and I didn’t understand what I was seeing and dismissed it for so long… The memories have always been there like the neurologist said… it’s up to me, how much I am willing to look at and here next month Nov 7th… will be 2 years since I remembered my own death… from 52 years ago….

I haven’t found an amnesia case like mine yet… now that I have eyesight on the big monitor… I will be researching neuro and psychology again… hoping to have some questions for neuro, when ever the VA gives me an appointment… which the way things are going… I’ll probably have the doc refer me under medicare, once all the eye surgery bills come in an are paid… we want to leave here, not build debt… and the eyes have to settle down to be useful, not headach pushed useful…..

Quite morning, beautiful blue sky kind of morning… and it will be hot… next electric bill should push $400, because of the AC and not being able to dry all the clothes outside, because we have had so much rain…. one wet muggy blanket is what it feels like…. so AC it is… last night was cool and comfortable with the house open… so at least at night we can shut it down…

I hope they resolve Hawaii’s issues… seen this before and all you can do is watch, it’s their fight and I watched the documentary on how the islands were taken from them… no different than what Putin is doing in Ukraine…

but the Aloha… when you have people who have lived their whole lives here and are older than us and they tell you Aloha is no more… that is a telling sign for troubles for these islands…. and I’m ready to go home…

So VA tell me what the hell are you doing??? Implants or more forced continued pain??? Answer Hilo VA Clinic, how much more pain do I have to endure for your bigotry????

Sgt. USAF DAV 100% Service Connected

I Remember…. Margie….

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