Living with the knowledge Christians Hate you… which is so unchristian???

The major stroke happened in 1967, I was 13 years old and it was given to me by my father Don Bagwell and mother Freda….

Prior to the age of 13, I experienced a brain injury at 5, via Freda… another one via Freda at 8, the one at 13 cost me my life and 9 months that are gone from the memory banks…. the stroke on Japan… that is what triggered this write…

They showed a military member surprising his daughter at school… what I got from my dad, the promise he made after he killed me… because I never celebrated a birthday at 13, or 14… no both times I was recovering from a stroke caused by mommy dearest and daddy dearest did the beating… by the time 17 got here I had one more TIA, via a blow to my head by daddy dearest…

So dad, kept his promise about a gift I would remember…

It takes fortitude to look at stories like the GI coming back from deployment and see the love…. I never experienced anything but violence in a christian home who lived by the bible in public… but once that door closed….

It became hell on earth and the bible just a good piece of fiction….

You would think I would have a olympic size pool of resentment… nope… I keep telling ya….

52 years of amnesia and counting…. What I do remember, just exposes the christians for what they are… humans hiding behind a religion to get away with murder… our own leader is promoting murdering of the whistleblower, or shooting immigrants in the legs… sounds a lot like Hitler… or Kim of NK…. yet our leader is a chrisitan… and that does show you christianity is a tool people in power use to scare you of your own shadow…

Hate to tell, ya…

no I don’t…. I died… there is no flowers, signing, family, hugs, or love… just total and complete darkness… that is the reality of death… not the bull shit Dr. Oz promotes… that is religious head fake…

So I watch feel good stories about real people and I look and think, is it all just an act, because they are….

Christian????? or is it a human being, being human???

there is a difference by the way… you never have to tell me you are christian… your life tells me…and what trail of tears you left in your wake…and to this day, I have NEVER met a true christian, muslim, buddast, hindu… nada… they don’t exist on this planet, except in the mind of the followers…which doesn’t make it real to anyone but themselfs….

I Remember… Margie….

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