I Annoy You??? that took a lot of practice….

Not really…. when I knew as a toddler how to get under Freda’s skin… mommy dearest… I pushed the buttons often… well maybe not often, but often enough, my body shows how she responded… lets put it that way…

some people find my story offensive… gee, you ought to be me if that’s the case… some feel sorry for me… now that one you got me… they didn’t do the crime, so why the empathy??? and some like today, get very uncomfortable, because they have never been exposed to the violence I grew up with and thought was normal??? Not really on that one either….

The dentist gives me uncomfortable looks and when I tried to explain that I was wearing the partials at night, because of the missing teeth… not real sure he understands how my autonomic neuroapthy is life threatening…. doesn’t really matter what he thinks, the VA is paying and I am bitching at him… but you kind of want people to get what you deal with…. and that aha moment happened, while we were BS’ing in the living room…..

The only one that matters as far as opinions on what I am dealing with????

ME….. duh…..

It goes back to changing the way I think and solve problems… I need no recognition on my accomplishments thus far on this crazy journey… validation of intelligence has been done twice by VA professionals… and injuries and medical records all point to one thing…

Domestic violence endured in a christian home for the first 18 years of my life…. do you know???

No one to this day has laid a hand upon me to casue phsyical harm since Don… daddy dearest hit me when I was 17 years old on Okinawa…. Rape, yea thats been done by the Air Force…. but physical hitting… no one has ever touched me…since the parents did…

I was once told that the look on my face when someone did raise their hand against me scared them so bad, they never thought to do it again… I am very expressive… especially now that I am a toothless cougar…. my girlfriends say I am a cute one though… I try not to laugh to hard, when I do my routine…. couple months and something to wear in the interim…..

Autonomic neuropathy is the scary one… it plays with my heart, esphoagus, larynx, stomach, and intestines…. losing teeth is making me learn something new with sleep and cyclobenzaprine has been taken to get the spasms in my neck and throat to quit, so my jaw isn’t frozen… implants will give the tongue it’s proper place, for now, it’s try not to bite it with the teeth I got… I never felt the dentist poke in the area exposed… the nerve damage to my maxillary is progressing… bet the implant process isn’t all that painful, wonder if that will be a good thing???…. but put pressure on the partials and I wence in pain…. so they are fun when it comes to eating…

Day is hot… Traffic was crazy…attitudes of people some friendly, most are hostile… ready to get this over with and find out if they are going to do implants… so we can plan to move home, if we were there, I would have already had the roots removed and the denture being expidited…. but still, at least, this save me a couple grand, with the VA approval… never in the 5 1/2 years as a dental tech, did we ever make a patient wait more than a day to do extractions… if it meant over time, we did over time… patients were our priority… not so with the VA, go figure on that………

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie….

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