Dentist has VA approval Hilo, Hawaii??? Medicare for all, when the VA can’t take care of VETS???

Happy, not really… this shouldn’t be happening… my doctor requested implants in May 2018…. this is Oct 2019!!!!

Hubby called clinic to get me in on emergency and they were in fact calling us… VA approved the new partial… so that just saved us a few grand… but that request was put in over a month ago!!!

I wouldn’t be in this mess if a federal employee at the Hilo VA clinic wasn’t playing god with veterans health care on the island… and I’m not the only patient this person has targeted and she is still employed at the Hilo VA… shame really, and I have seen this first hand at El Paso VA, Arkansas VA… and Tuscon VA…. 2 of those I filed IG complaints and my health care went in the toilet after that…

So for all the yelling going on in Washington about corruption… it’s going on with your neighbor, mom, dad, brother or sister… it’s not the organizations that are corrupt…

It’s the christian employees, that swore a oath to a nation while swearing their god was first and foremost….

So much for patient care and honest christians….

Anyway,…. dentist is taking impressions today, evaluating the roots and documenting the pain…. hopefully by Thanksgiving I’ll have a new upper denture… because I only got 2 or 3 teeth left on the right upper side… and If I can’t feel those either… they won’t last much longer… Trigeminal nerve is showing it’s ugly involvement from domestic violence…

Nope I wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for corrupt chrisitan federal employees and the christian parents that were anything but christian….

Rant over…. I have oral surgery again in my future, when this could have all been done at one visit instead of 3!!! so invasive is this lousy health care that keeps compromising my health… and they want medicare for all???? They can’t even take care of VETERANS!!!!!

Sgt. USAF DAV !00 % service connected….. I remember… Margie….

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