Bugs are out….

Getting to that time of year, where the light from the monitor attracts bugs… and with tracers in my eyes, I don’t want to swing at the monitor in mistake thinking its a bug… At home, the cold would eliminate that issue….

Trying to leave the partial out, and see if I can keep the jaw or TMJ from jacking up and spasming… if this had to happen, like the dentist said, things are in the works, not timely things, but the molasses does eventually hit the floor….

Eating… oh boy, eating… so far it’s okay, but my mouth is sore and it showed when the dentist examined and said, you are using your left side to chew and yep I am… the partials are torture and pain meds taken… so leave out and see if sleep is possible… always try, before giving up…the most I’ll lose is a little sleep….

It does look more like the VA is boxed them selfs in and implants are a definite now, and done here on Hawaii… I so wanted to be home before the great grandsons started talking… but a year late is better than not at all….

I figure if they start by Jan of 2020… we should be able to pack up in the spring of 2021 and go home… if they start sooner, we could be home this time next year, in time for the holidays….

Always have hope that things will work out… my choices aren’t always the choices others make and those choices invarably can impact mine…

Eyesight… it’s been interesting… I have to admit the drug they wanted me to try so they can recommend to other patients, because it’s half the price… works much better than the expensive stuff and my eye does not bother me like the last procedure did… so they get a thumbs up on this new pain drug for the eye… 3 days of stinging versus a couple weeks… yep I’ll take it and the sting is barely noticeable today….

I can see, but not the Iphone or Ipad… it’s screen is to small for me and I can’t see print… books, papers, yada, yada, yawn…. readers in a couple weeks is what the doc recommended….

As for everything else… the new lens work great and readers is all I will need…. it’s just you get tired and I have been pushing mine….

Night folks… enough bright light…

I Remember… Margie….

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