Just about how I feel…. jumped on hubby, he tried playing matyr with our diet…

If I can get up in the middle of the night, grab a handful of choclate chips from the freezer and chew them… I got this covered… not happy about what I am going to have to do… but I got it figured out already…so hubby, is on his way to the store, to pick up a few extra supplies, some of that food, I can deal with….

I have no way to bite and tear food, those upper teeth are gone and the partial only has 2 upper molars and that leaves 2 on the other side and thats it… just picture your kid when they lost those front teeth, I just only have 2 left…. if the partial breaks, I will have only the right side for chewing and my TMJ will only allow that for so long and holy crap, will it ever be a pain in the ass….

Which it has been anyway, my weight is staying down because of the last 15 months of dental issues…. yep this is government health care at it’s best… get ya to join the military and they screw ya from the get go…. okay enough whine….

One thing I have noticed since the bridge broke off last night…. my right side hits high on the partial… that means the tooth is dropping or the partial is to high… regardless, adjustment needed, since this will be my way of keeping my breathing good… which it’s working, got on the elliptical and did my time to get heart up just a little, still restricted on that, and did okay…

So it’s all about adjusting to the issues at hand, accomodating them and making sure I have options…. and telling the dentist, put the bill under my maiden name and lets fix the partial with teeth, so that at least I have something to hold me till the VA gets to it or we leave here… either way, I will have a new denture in the next 6 weeks, because I’m paying… I am over waiting on VA death care…..

Still restricted on activities… whining over with… time to play, while hubby goes to town….

Have a beautiful day, we are… hot, muggy, lots of rain and blue sky… everything so green…. at least I can wander around my property and not be concerned….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie…

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