Few more hours….

Eye surgery, not much scares me, as I have found out this past couple of years… but… Eye surgery… totally freaked me…


Think about it… I lost 9 months of my life, when Margie died… total darkness is what fills those 9 months…

Now to you that 9 months sounds like a blink of an eye… to someone like me in denial over edectic memory ability… it’s a lifetime… and the more I accept the ability, the more I wait for that moment in time, when those 9 months come back….

My eye is itching…. sleep was early, but not consistent… water, drank water, to make up for going without… water and I, started that love affair about 2001….

Up close vision, every tweet I did, hubby had to read first and help me fix… I got none… and with the left eye lens new now, it’s gone from that one totally… oh my, readers or something, but I got to have something or hubby will strangle me with having to read everything on the smaller devices…. lol

Abnormal brain wave started a few days ago… it’s over now… it’s like a split personality… I knew I should have taken those drops to the hospital, but rationalized not taking them…. been trying to figure out for decades why I would go against my own common sense…. I know when the wave happens and recognize it… this is fascinating… I was also very aware of every step of the way through yesterdays procedure… including recovery….

Freaky, again something I have to adopt into my waking mind that the ability is not a fluke or ghost, but in reality a protection I put in place as a child… and it’s starting to wake up in a big way…. so this ride, got my heart racing….

So, other than post ops, nothing happening, except maintenance and wait on getting a new partial… implants… with the crisis in Washington… this veteran is a fly on the wall and it will stay that way… makes me wonder how many more vets lives will we loose daily….

Going to bed with no negative thoughts, waking up, not allowing the pain and up and down all night rule my day…. Accomplishing a goal, like my eyes…

It’s all one day at a time… We have lived in worse states… it just means, wait and hope things work out… those on the mountain are impacting those choices…. those at the Hilo VA office are impacting those choices… I have to decide, bite the bullet and live in a 5th wheel for a while, till the house sells or wait it out on Hawaii… I’ll tell ya, house, yard, established…. Hawaii has its positivies…. Great grandkids, starting to walk & talk… damn… ya know…

I got to go with the kids…. so the choice is and always has been ours….

Just a matter of when and making sure the box’s are marked storage or 5th wheel….

Wet, hot and muggy…. so glad we put in AC….

I Remember… Margie… and will be glad to get this patch off today….

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