Surgery sedation an Edetic Memory…edited

Lets refresh… I have known since 2010, I was missing memory…

I have known since Nov 7, 2017…. Margie died at 13 years old….

I have known since Dec 26, 2018 I had a stroke and TIA’s per the MRI….

So you absorb all this and adjust and see where your brain is not at… This time, no pre sedation… they rolled me in for surgery and I asked… the surgeon and gas passer, since I could remember the whole procedure, is that because of this memory ability…. both said Yes….

This time, during the procedure, I was awake through 75 percent of it… the moment they did the lens was way cool and the laser light show… as the doctor said, when it was done…

The first procedure they gave me a little more than usual, and I still was aware… so it made no sense to sedate me heavy this time, I just didn’t want to see the lens removal part and that is when I got a little boost of juice…

Other than the eye being sore… and wearing a patch until tomorrow… and just a little foggy from the sedation…. it went well and the IV set up hurt more than anything else….

It is beyond weird, accepting this memory ability… and I hesitate to take it all in… because if I acknowledge it… what is available for me to remember, will come foreward… the last road block is gone in remembering Margies past….

Hey the damn page is moving with the cursor…. those kids have been paying attention….

Good job… but too sleepy to write much and honestly, I have nada for up close vision… found that out when I sent a tweet on the Ipad, hubby says it was a mess…

Thank you kids for fixing the issue….. now I can enjoy my recovery from this last eye surgery and have fun doing all the things I am working on…. except…. I got no close vision…. cooking is going to be so much fun…..

I Remember…..

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